Environmental and societal reduction policy impacts

We attach great importance to improving the conditions for carrying out our activities, including the requirements of sustainable development.

Our values


Camerus Group

A vision, a promise for tomorrow.

This label definitely inscribes our professional ethics in the global transformation underway which will ultimately structure all of our businesses.
While history is accelerating with the health crisis we are going through, the collateral impacts it is already causing are prompting us to change our tempo and take control of our future.
For the companies of the CAMERUS Group, this is not an obligation but a conviction.
Henceforth, our actions, our commitments, our direct or secondary implications, our choices, our arbitrations will participate in this dynamic by responding to this concept and will be marked with this “ETHIC4FUTURE” seal.

Social policy

SQUARE is a company whose ambition is to retain both its employees and its customers.
All employees have at least 15 years of seniority and some clients have supported SQUARE since its creation.


The furniture is cleaned with products not
pollutants and fabric maintained internally, which results in a significant reduction in the consumption of cleaning paper.
Conveyors have been installed in the depot to
facilitate the handling of furniture.


SQUARE has for 10 years implemented and studied means to reduce its environmental footprint and improve its carbon footprint in all areas of the company.
Stock on site is always preferred to limit transport.


Whether it is by selective sorting of waste, by donating furniture or by reducing the use of paper, SQUARE is attentive to its impact on the environment.