Ref. PAB11 - New

Anthos - PAB11

From   30  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA11 - Ottomans and Benchs

Cassandra Angle - PCAA11

From   164  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA12 - Ottomans and Benchs

Cassandra Angle - PCAA12

From   164  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA13 - Ottomans and Benchs

Cassandra Angle - PCAA13

From   164  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA14 - Ottomans and Benchs

Cassandra Angle - PCAA14

From   164  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA15 - Ottomans and Benchs

Cassandra Angle - PCAA15

From   164  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA16 - Ottomans and Benchs

Cassandra Angle - PCAA16

From   164  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA19 - Ottomans and Benchs

Cassandra Angle - PCAA19

From   164  Excl tax
Ref. PCAA33 - New

Cassandra Angle - PCAA33

From   164  Excl tax

Looking for modular and practical solutions for organizing your events in Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region? Discover our range of rental ottomans and benches, designed to offer versatility and comfort during your fairs, shows and receptions.

Our rental ottomans and benches are essential elements for creating friendly and functional spaces during your events. Whether you need extra seating for a conference, benches for a breakout area, or ottomans for a casual ambiance, our selection meets all your needs.

Choose from a variety of styles and colors to personalize your layout to match the theme and aesthetic of your event. With their modular design, our ottomans and benches easily adapt to different spaces and configurations, providing a versatile solution for your furniture needs.

By opting for our ottomans and bench rental service in Lyon, you benefit from fast and efficient delivery and installation, as well as professional assistance to help you create the perfect layout for your event. We are committed to providing practical and functional solutions to simplify the organization of your event.

For friendly and modular spaces, opt for our expertise in rental of ottomans and benches in Lyon and throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Contact us today to discover our selection and reserve the ideal furniture for your next event!