Ref. HD07 - Lignum collection

Circus - HD07

From   80  Excl tax
Ref. HE07 - Lignum collection

Circus - HE07

From   80  Excl tax
Ref. TMA07 - Lignum collection

Marta - TMA07

From   89  Excl tax
Ref. EPO87 - Counters and Display units

Poly - EPO87

From   130  Excl tax
Ref. HA07B - Lignum collection

Recta - HA07B

From   90  Excl tax
Ref. HB07B - Lignum collection

Recta - HB07B

From   90  Excl tax
Ref. MDSB07 - Lignum collection

Sierra - MDSB07

From   113  Excl tax
Ref. MDSI07 - Lignum collection

Sierra - MDSI07

From   113  Excl tax
Ref. MRD17 - Counters and Display units

Tarama - MRD17

From   126  Excl tax

Discover our “Lignum” collection, featuring the natural and warm charm of solid pine from our regions, combining elegance and eco-responsibility. With a range including tables, high tables, shelves and counters, our Lignum furniture offers a refined aesthetic that can harmonize with different decoration styles, including Scandinavian and industrial.

Made from locally sourced solid pine, our Lignum furniture embodies our commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. Each piece exudes a warm and authentic atmosphere, adding a touch of character and conviviality to any event space.

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, a private reception or a trade show, our Lignum collection offers exceptional versatility, allowing you to create welcoming and elegant spaces. The clean lines and timeless design of our furniture fit seamlessly into a variety of decors, providing a stylish and practical solution for your event furniture needs.

To rent Lignum furniture for your next event, contact us today to explore our full line of products and add a touch of eco-friendly charm to your event space.

Trust our expertise in event furniture to provide elegant and eco-responsible solutions for your event. Contact us today to discover our full range of Lignum furniture and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests!