Ref. BAL01 - Desks

Alphéa - BAL01

From   125  Excl tax
Ref. BAL02 - Desks

Alphéa - BAL02

From   125  Excl tax
Ref. BAL09 - Desks

Alphéa - BAL09

From   125  Excl tax
Ref. C111 - Desks

Caisson - C111

From   75  Excl tax
Ref. TC01 - Desks

Conférence - TC01

From   87  Excl tax
Ref. TC001 - Desks

Congrès - TC001

From   87  Excl tax
Ref. TEG01 - Desks

Egéa - TEG01

From   332  Excl tax
Ref. TEG02 - Desks

Egéa - TEG02

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Ref. KRO02 - Desks

Kronos - KRO02

From   223  Excl tax

Discover our selection of rental desks, offering wooden and glass tops in different sizes, to meet your workspace design needs in Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and throughout France. Whether you are hosting a business event, conference or trade show, our desks offer the perfect blend of style and functionality to create efficient and aesthetically pleasing work environments.

Opt for our desks with wooden tops for a warm and natural atmosphere, or choose our models with glass tops for a touch of modernity and sophistication. With different sizes available, from individual desks to meeting desks, we have everything you need to customize your workspace to suit your needs.

By renting our desks , you benefit from a complete service including delivery, installation and pick-up after the event. Our experienced team is here to help you choose the perfect desks for your event and to support you every step of the way.

Trust our expertise in event furniture to create functional and aesthetic workspaces for your next event. Contact us today to explore our full range of rental desks and reserve the ideal furniture for your event!